3 Types of Fish You Can Catch in San Francisco Bay

The San Francisco Bay is a beautiful body of water that connects to the Pacific ocean. If you book a trip on a San Francisco Bay fishing charter, then you can enjoy a day on the water. Learn about what fish you can expect to catch within the San Francisco Bay.

White Sturgeon

With a unique pattern on its back and a pointed nose, the white sturgeon is a fun fish to catch and reel in on a chartered trip. The sturgeons are fairly large in size, usually measuring at more than two feet in length. Generally, white sturgeon are not eaten, so the fish is often caught and released before the end of a fishing trip.

Chinook Salmon

If you are looking for a fish to catch and eat, then fish for a Chinook salmon. Also known as a King salmon, the fish is filled with delicious meat and a San Francisco Bay fishing charter may offer fish cleaning services to help prepare the fish for cooking.

Striped Bass

Commonly referred to as a striper, the salt-water-based bass is much larger than fresh-water counterparts like a big mouth or smallmouth bass. The stripes on the bass extend along both sides and the pattern really stands out. The fish puts on a fun fight when hooked and will often jump out of the water as you reel in.

Catch these fish and many more when you explore memorable trips at Delta Fishing Charters. They provide all of the equipment and can bring the boats to specific areas where fish are located.

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