5 Tips for Finding a Suitable Short-Term Housing Solution

Looking for short-term housing? Here are a few tips to help make this go faster and easier:

  1. Go to short-term housing providers, says the Washington Post. Ask what options are available to you. Do they have one that’s nearer to the city but a little cramped? Or one that’s farther from the city but comes with plenty of room and yard space? If you want easy access and shorter commuting times, you might want to go for something closer to the city. Nothing beats the convenience of being able to step into your home without dealing with three hours of brutal traffic and commuting woes. If the space is tight, simply go consult other short-term providers in the area. Look at other real estate options—like corporate housing or fully furnished apartments until you find the luxury apartment that you and your wallet are happy with.
  2. Expand your search. If you still can’t find a suitable housing solution, go online. Look up sites of real estate properties that offer short term housing options. Go to real estate websites and check over the properties available for rent. If you’re a bit short on time, you might want to consider the services of a leasing agent. Be creative, too. A lot of Snowbirds—those who leave their homes for the winter—might be willing to rent their homes out. Just ask.
  3. Ask about lease. Is the lease good for a year? You could negotiate for three or six months, just to be on the safe side. That way, if you have to move out for whatever reason, you won’t have to incur any penalties since it’ll be easy to get through a few months instead of a year. Don’t forget to ask what their policy on pets are. Your feline friend might not be welcome at all. It would be a shame to find that out five minutes after you’ve signed the lease.
  4. And the fees. Are there any other charges or fees you need to pay? Most rentals now require the rent before you move in. You’ll probably hand that over along with a security deposit. And take note of any extra charges for other services the building might offer.
  5. Don’t lose sight of your budget. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your expenses. Make sure the rental fees don’t take out too much out of your funds.

So before you start looking, look over this list again. They’ll surely come in handy in your search. For more information on short term housing in Chicago, visit Pinnacle Furnished Suites.

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