Common Reasons Why NFL Officials Don’t Always Get the Calls Right

The people who are selected to referee a professional football game are expected to have a firm grasp on the rules. However, football fans have routinely complained over the past several years about what they perceive to be missed calls and general incompetence. Let’s take a look at some possible causes of NFL bad officiating.

NFL Referees Don’t Work Full-Time

One possible cause of NFL bad officiating is the fact that they are hired to work on a part-time basis. As a general rule, they are contracted to work on Sundays during the regular season and select dates during the preseason. Hiring officials to work on a full-time basis may give them the time needed to develop as professionals and hone their craft to the satisfaction of the fans.

Referees Aren’t Allowed To Be Criticized

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing that players and coaches aren’t allowed to criticize the officials on the field. If they were, it could create conflicts of interest that may impact the integrity of the game. However, it can also create a scenario in which referees are not held accountable for their mistakes. Over time, this can lead to complacency and a workplace culture that fosters a greater level of incompetence.

Replay Rules Aren’t Enforced Consistently

Instant replay tools are designed to allow referees to review calls that they may have gotten wrong on the field. However, it is possible for two different referees to review the same play and come up with a different conclusion as to what happened. Therefore, fans may have to accept that there is a human element involved and that no referee is going to call a game to their liking at all times.

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