How a Modern Take on Bowling in Minneapolis is Making Bowling Fun Again

If you haven’t been bowling in a while, it’s because you haven’t seen what a modern bowling alley in Minneapolis is really like. No longer must you sit on a quiet bowling lane while the best bowlers are the only ones who have some fun. Today, bowling is an exciting thrill ride with loud music and flashy lighting effects. There’s even a huge big-screen TV hovering over each lane to keep you fully entertained throughout the night.

Bowling Alongside a Complete Dining Experience

That’s not to mention the fact that you will have access to a full-service bar and restaurant the entire time to make your whole night an absolute blast. Get a beer on tap or even an entire pizza while you bowl the night away. Or get some delectable chicken wings and finish it off with impeccably-crafted desserts from the kitchen. There’s even plenty of food options for kids, too.

Modern bowling alleys even come with their very own bar. A private bar makes a bowling alley in Minneapolis the perfect place to have a private event, such as a birthday party or a corporate gathering. Throughout the event, you will have access to almost a dozen lanes and big-screen TVs alongside a private bar to make your event a lively one.

Bowling Plus Gaming Equals Fun

Want even more action? Then head on into the arcade next door to partake in all kinds of virtual sports and activities. Go rampaging through the forest while being chased by dinosaurs or take on intergalactic forces on the battlefield. You can even play all of the latest video game titles if you want to. Modern video game lounges let you rent entire gaming stations for just a couple of bucks an hour so that you may enjoy all of your favorite games. To plan your next visit or to book an event, contact GameWorks, Inc. at

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